Ongoing project sponsorships

Every day brings new challenges for the Cayo’s animals and our ongoing programs help keep those animals safe, healthy and thriving. We can’t support those animals without your donations and a steady, regular  stream of  monthly, sustaining donations from generous patrons like you means we know just what we have to work with.  You can set up your monthly donation through our Patreon page. You can let us know which program you’d like your monthly donation to benefit or simply make a monthly donation and let us choose where the most need is at the time. You’ll get perks and rewards, including the most important one — helping Cayo’s animals.. You can 

Ongoing CAWS programs

Vaccine clinics

Vaccines to prevent diseases like distemper are crucial to the health of our dog population. Just $50 per month can buy 25 vaccines. Your monthly support will help many animals thrive.


Spay and neuter

While CAWS holds periodic full day or multi-day spay and neuter clinics, we do subsidize spay and neuter in part or whole. Funds are for that ongoing, as needed program.


Fetch and rescue

Cayo’s potlickers need help getting off the street and into a vet care or foster home environment. Personnel who have the challenging and sometimes dangerous job of helping these dogs get to safety need training and special equipment including a pet capture noose, thick gloves, crates, food and some over the counter medication. Gas and a temporary kennel equipment may also be part of the Fetcher’s kit. Your monthly contribution goes to supplying these people on the street with the tools they need to help Cayo’s dogs.

Rainbow Bridge

Some of the rescue dogs we come across or that are brought to us are too sick or injured to save. Rather than prolong their agony, our Rainbow Bridge Program eases their way to a better place through gentle, painless euthanasia. Each euthanasia services costs between $50-100 which does not include the burial.

Fence supply

Approximately half of those contacting us wishing to adopt or foster a dog in our care do not have appropriate fencing required for adoption. This fund goes toward permanent or temporary fencing solutions for those adopting.

Virtual food and medication pantry

Some Belizeans need help feeding their animals whether adopted from CAWS or not. The virtual food pantry supplies emergency pet food for Cayo’s animals owned or on the street.


Your sponsorship goes to keeping a supply of food and over the counter medications on hand for those emergencies. 

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