What to do if you find an injured animal

Please follow the below steps as CAWS is usually unable to rescue the animal personally. Please do not contact us unless you can PERSONALLY TRANSPORT THE ANIMAL TO THE VET! After the animal has been rescued by you please contact us and then immediately take to a vet (see list below). Once you have the animal at the vet we can connect with them to figure out treatment and costs. We cannot commit to treatment costs without the animal having someone to care for it – we do NOT have a shelter.

We do not have funds to assist with vet bills for animals that have owners if your pet requires vet attention please contact one of the following vets:

Vet Phone Location
Pets Place – Dr Pech 824-0447 / WhatsApp 600-4122 Burns Ave Sab Ignacio
Dr Amy Roches 621-0340 Hillview Santa Elena
PAWS – Dr Tesecum 601-3275 / 621-5377 Joseph Andrews Drive San Ignacio
Dr Hernandez 663-2439 / 630-1960 San Ignacio/Santa Elena
Dr. Baptist 614-1098 Roaring Creek

Helping Injured Dogs

If you see an injured dog on the street, the first thing you should do is try and calm them before you approach them. They will, of course, be scared and confused so it’s best to speak calmly to them as you come near. Do not move them, unless they are in the road, you don’t want to worsen existing injuries or cause the dog more pain.

If you do need to move them, try touching them gently on the rump to see if they are receptive to being touched. If they don’t react, you can proceed with caution. Have a board or flat surface that you can move the animal on to, and call the nearest emergency veterinarian. An emergency vet may be able to provide you with advice.

It is not recommended that you treat the dog yourself, as you could unintentionally worsen the injury or exposure yourself to danger. If it is quicker to transfer the animal to the vet yourself, do so with caution. Place the dog, while still on a flat, movable surface, in your car with food and water nearby if possible, and slowly drive to the nearest vet.

Helping Injured Cats

CAWS does not handle felines. Please contact Crazy Cat Tails Sanctuary at any of the links below:

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