How to help a stray, injured or abused dog


At the moment, we are not able to assist with anything at this time other than adoption inquiries and our spay/neuter program for owners. We can post about any injured, stray or abused dogs you may come across in the hope of finding someone to help that dog.   

We are in contact with our foster families and are helping to find foster families and our volunteers to whom we provide food for strays, will still get that food.

If you SEE something, DO something

We are all in this together and it takes a village to help Cayo’s dogs.


If you see an injured dog:

Please take that dog to the Vet or find a friend or family member who can. Here is contact information for local Vets:

Dr. Pech 824-0447 (Burns Ave. San Ignacio)
PAWS 601-3275 or 621-5377 (San Ignacio)
Dr. Roches 621-0340 (Santa Elena) (away until March 19)
Dr. Baptist 614-1098 (Roaring Creek)
Dr. Hernandez 663-2439 or 630-1960 (Santa Elena)

Here is more information on what to do if you find an injured dog (and below)

If you see an abandoned dog:

If you can help that dog by taking it into your yard or home, please do. Or, ask your friends, neighbors and family for help. Let us know so we can share the dogs picture and how to find you. We may be able to find a foster.

If you see a dog that is being abused:

You may see a dog in the area that is tied to a short chain for most of the day and night, is not being fed, is being used for dog fighting, looks ill or has a very bad skin condition. Know that if those dogs are owned, this abuse and neglect is illegal under the Belize Cruelty of Animals Act. While this act is 21 years old, we believe that it may be updated in the next few years. 

Here are the Current Laws about animal care, neglect and abuse. Please click to see the documents.

Belize Cruelty to Animals Act 

Belize Dog Act

 If you feel comfortable speaking with the owner,  let them know that they cannot treat their dog the way they are. We need to change the way people feel about how they can treat their dogs, and it starts with talking with your friends and neighbors and letting them know that any abuse or neglect is unacceptable. 

To report neglect to abuse to the police: 

  • You must go to the police station and report in person.
  • Tell the police you want to make a report of animal abuse or neglect
  • Give them all of the details for the abuse, with pictures if possible. Include location. Refer to the Animal Cruelty Act of Belize.
  • Make a note of the officer’s name, badge number and rank, the police station you reported it to, date and time reported and the details. Keep that for your records. 
  • Write down what the officer said while and after you reported
  • Ask the police to call you back and tell you how they followed up.
  • Email all of the information including your report and any details about follow up  to the humane society in your district, which for CAYO is our organization. The email address is information will be forwarded to a central location in Belize City. 

Please see additional information below:

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