For Restaurateurs

Recipe Card

These collectible recipe cards both get the word out about your restaurant or food service business and help CAWS raise funds for programs that help Cayo’s animals. Restaurateurs, chefs and bakers can choose a favorite dish to showcase or offer a popular drink recipe. Those who create food products like sauces, spice blends or dairy products may also offer a recipe that showcases their product. The back of the card contains contact info for your business and shows your support of CAWS.

Cards will be sold individually and in collections and will be available as physical printed cards or digital download.  They will also be used as “perks” to Patreon CAWS supporters.  We also plan to create a Cayo cookbook using these recipes.  All we need from you is a logo, image of your dish or drink and one of you as well as the featured recipe. Don’t have a recipe written down? One of our Board members is a food writer and cookbook author and can help you create one. 

Membership Benefit Provider

Our 2021 CAWS Membership cards are here and we’d love to have more businesses participate as benefits for our members! Cards cost $50 BZ each and come with benefits like discounts at stores, services and of course on food and drink at restaurants, food trucks and more. Show your support of CAWS and help our animals by offering a discount or other perks like a free appetizer when CAWS members show their card to help us sell more memberships.

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