All of us need to speak up and speak out to help Cayo’s dogs and cats

“My neighbor keeps the dog tied up all day and night in the cold and rain. It cries all the time.” “They have four dogs and they are all starving. They beat them with sticks.” “Someone hit this dog with their car on purpose.” “My neighbor moved away and left the dog tied up” “This dog is sick by the side of the road and has a collar. It must belong to someone.”   Every single day CAWS gets Facebook messages just like these. The messages usually end with “Can you come and get the animal?” We can’t. We do… Continue reading

Saving a Momma and her pups

Saving a momma and her pups Team effort gets stray dog and her nine pups off the streets Rescuing an injured, sick or distressed dog usually starts with a call to action through our CAWS Board Facebook Messenger and that’s just what happened this past Thursday.  “Ok everyone…The brown female dog that hangs out outside Dibary on Burns has had a big litter of babies under St. Andrews’ church steps. There are 8 of them. The reverend there is very nice and an animal lover so they are safe but not for long. We have funds to assist but not… Continue reading

How one challenging rescue dog became a “foster fail”

The role of a foster parent in a dog’s life is to provide that pup with temporary shelter, medical care and love until a permanent home can be found. That dog is with you for, hopefully, just a short period of time before going off to a caring forever home. There are times, however, when that foster pup tugs at the heart strings just a bit too much and that short time becomes forever. Yes, it’s called a “foster fail” but in this case, “failure” is a…. Continue reading