Aquila Flores

Aquila Flores

Communications Coordinator (co-chair)

I try my best to be active, involved and knowledgeable in various aspects of life- this might be why I tend to wear multiple hats. I am a proud Belizean who is fascinated by my country and more often than not, on some adventure. My current occupation is in the conservation field which is something I’m passionate about; I guess it goes hand-in-hand with travelling and appreciating the beauty of Belize. Photography is an art that I’m very impassioned by, in fact, I’ve been able to establish my very own photography business- Photography by Quilz Tamay. When I’m not working or volunteering somewhere, my favorite thing to do is spending time with my fur babies, Kiva, Chief and Panther Lily [Bully, Pitbull & cat, respectively]. Actually, Panther Lily is my little boy that I rescued when I found him wondering as a kitty near my home.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for animals and I believe that through CAWS, I will be able to contribute to the wellbeing of animals in my community. It is my first time being a part of a board, but I enjoy working and collaborating with others. My goal is to use the skills, experiences and my overall willpower to amplify the efforts of CAWS so that we can achieve our mission- To provide for a better life for all domestic animals of Cayo through education, health care and maintenance.

Everything you do, no matter how small it is, will change the future in one way or another. People who have lived 100 years ago have had an effect on the world as it is today. The things you do today will ripple through time, that small thing you created today can be the big things the next generation builds upon. ~Unknown

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