About CAWS

The Cayo Animal Welfare Society is passionate about improving the lives of animals in the western communities of Belize. We are a group of volunteers doing our best with limited resources.

We promote:

  • Engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals.
  • To compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals.
  • Acting kindly, and think progressively to improve the lives of animals.
  • Please, show your support and become a member of our organization.
    Help us to raise awareness and engage the community to support our CAWS.

Our Mission

To provide for a better life for all domestic animals of Cayo through education, health care and maintenance.

The activities of the Society are as follows:

  1. Conduct public awareness and education programs designed to create an informed and knowledgeable public. Areas covered include animal care, the need to spay and neuter, parasite prevention, and prevention of animal cruelty.
  2. Facilitate low cost spay and neuter clinics by working with local veterinarians and volunteer organizations.
  3. Work with local businesses for endorsement and sponsorship of Society activities.
  4. Facilitate the sharing of information with other animal welfare groups throughout Belize.
  5. Cooperate with local Government to develop a plan to trap, fix and release stray dogs and cats as a means of population control.
  6. Apply for and administer grants supportive of the CAWS mission

Our Founding Members are

Keith and Mary Ann Kaye
Mike and Amanda Cyphers
Mona Johnston
Debbie Baldwin
Susanne McMillan

Click to read our By-Laws

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