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CAWS direct PayPal Account:

(If you want tax credit please use the option below)

CAWS Tax Deductable PayPal Account:

CAWS has joined up with the Belize Economic & Ecological Development Fund (BEEDFund). As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit since 2008, Stateside donations can now receive U.S. donation tax benefits.

Donations through BEED provide financial support to various organizations in Belize, therefore please add a memo to all donations designating the Cayo Animal Welfare Society CAWS for correct routing.

Funds can be mailed to:
BEED c/o Clara Lee Arnold
1401 W. Sage St., Tuscon, AZ 85704

We can also accept via Paypal at, again noting CAWS in the memo for routing.
BEED EIN is 26-3899122

Please be aware that if you chose this option the money will often take some time to reach CAWS (possibly weeks), and we have no way of knowing when you made the donation unless you contact us at that time.
We do try very hard to thank everybody in a timely manner for their generosity, but with this option of donating we may not be as timely as we would like to be.

We have an account with Scotiabank in Belize.

You can make a deposit at any Scotibank branch to the Cayo Animal Welfare Society.  Account #1838434
(Be sure to include the “.” after our name if you deposit online)

You can send us a check by mail

This is a true exercise in patience. First, your letter may take up to 6 weeks to reach us. Then, while your check clears your bank right away it takes 4 weeks to appear in our account. No – we are not kidding.
Send you check to:
Cayo Animal Welfare Society
P.O. Box 58
Santa Elena,  Cayo

Yes, we do take cash

If you are in the Cayo area look us up:
email us at


Please be aware that while CAWS is not a registered Non-Profit on paper, we certainly are in practice. All our members donate 100% of their time, and also contribute monetarily to CAWS. Your contribution will not be tax deductible.


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