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While there’s a specially made product for just about anything dog owner’s will deal with, from smells and stains, to fleas and other pests, to dealing with a dog that digs, and everything in between, it turns out many of the household products you’re already using serve dual purpose for pet parents!

1. To quickly and safely kill fleas without the use of poisons, chemicals, or pesticides, reach, instead, for a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid. With your dog in a tub, starting from the neck and working your way down, lather up a small amount of the dishsoap with clean water and work down your dog’s body. Allow the soapy suds to soak on your dog’s skin and fur for at least 5 minutes. This method actually works better than many flea shampoos at killing and ridding a dog of fleas.

2. Are you finding stubborn stains in your dog’s ceramic food bowls? Simply fill the bowl with a brown cola, like Coke or Pepsi, let sit for an hour, and rinse stubborn stains away. The phosphoric acid in the cola dissolves the food, dirt, and drool stains.

3. Speaking of your pet’s bowls, do you have a problem with ants making their way into your dog’s dinner? Just smear a dab of petroleum jelly around the bottom rim of the bowl to stop the pesky insects from stepping foot in your dog’s bowl.

4. Do you trim your dog’s nails yourself? If you accidentally trim a nail a little too close to the quick and don’t have any styptic powder in the first aid kit, safely stop the bleeding by pressing the bleeding nail into a dab of lip balm or wax.

5. Some dogs, for a variety of reasons, are known to snack on either their own stool or the stools of other dogs in the home. To put an end to poo-eating, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of 100% pure canned pumpkin to your dogs’ bowls at each meal. Not only will the pumpkin add beneficial fiber to your dog’s diet, the papain in the pumpkin will change the taste of the poo to something a little less appealing (if you can imagine that!).

6. Quickly and easily rid carpet and upholstery of shed dog hair using a pair of rubber gloves. Just run a gloved hand under water, then wipe away shed hair. The wet rubber glove will attract loose hairs. Just rinse the glove and repeat as necessary.

7. To keep dogs from digging or playing in flowerbeds or vegetable gardens, sprinkle the garden beds with ground black pepper. Because of their incredible sense of smell, most dogs will catch a whiff of the pepper and steer clear of your garden.

Got any other unique tips or tricks for pet parents? Please, share them in a comment below!

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