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We know what makes our bones shake but what are dogs scared of?

For far too many dogs, the Fido Fear Factor is real. It could be being stalked by a dog-hating cat or dreading the anticipated pain from a vaccination needle.

Topping the list of canine fears that make for a nervous dog — thunderstorms, followed by its frightening cousin, fireworks.

Here is a sampling of situations that can turn any confident canine into a fearful dog:

  1. Veterinary visits
  2. Car rides
  3. Strangers, especially those wearing sunglasses or hats.
  4. Battery-operated toys that move erratically on the floor
  5. Balloons
  6. Open stairways
  7. The sound of a car that is backfiring

For a nervous dog, baby talk or yelling at them to “calm down” will only make the situation worse.

Help a nervous dog with meds and supplements

Yes, if your dog is scared of fireworks or thunder it is OK to give a dose of Benadryl or Melatonin to help calm your dog’s nerves. It is best to ask your vet about the right medication first.

The best cure for a nervous dog with Thunder or Fireworks?

  1. Act normally around your dog. Pretend as though nothing is happening. …
  2. Play white sound or music. …
  3. Close the curtains. …
  4. Distract your dog with a game or treat. …
  5. Make an anti-anxiety wrap out of an elastic bandage. …
  6. Keep the dog on a leash if you go outside.

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